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Around Italy

Writing an ordinary guidebook seemed dull to us, and not necessarily our expertise. Although in this book we include geographical and historical facts, our focus is on personal experiences in various cities, villages, and islands where we have created some of our favorite memories. 

This guidebook does not cover the whole of Italy not the totality of its most renowned sites, but it is the personal examples of fun activities that kids our age would enjoy that make it unique. Italy’s culture, sport, food, music, and history make it an incredible destination and in this book we want to give a taste of it.

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A tour of ITALY
through art, history, geography, food, and lots of anecdotes


We hope that our readers and friends will enjoy this “trip” through some beautiful Italian locations. We also wish that these pages will stimulate a desire to travel, learn, and discover. For us travelling has been a source of knowledge and infinite awareness and has freed us from preconception and prejudice. Through travelling we embrace cultures, connect with people, and build bridges of friendship in the most unexpected of places. 


Buon Viaggio!

Laurentia and Federico

Illustrations by ONDINE LECOMTE


“An irresistible view of Italy described through the eyes of two young travelers. This guide is a great companion for a  family vacation and to entertain young teenagers.“ 


—  Sophia B.

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